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May.7 . 2024

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akira.drums debut album
"we have only one season"
out on aug.20.2023

Full Album tap here/アルバムはこちらをタップ

- We have only one season (official video)

1 - We have only one season

2 - Never say never

3 - Space Invader!

4 - fried egg forever

5 - Let’s grab a brunch

6 - How to find You

7 - You

8 - no more pudding : (


Music, Instruments, Mixed by akira.drums

Mastered by Akihito Yoshikawa

Cover art by Hare Konishi

Design by Susumu Hirai


All right reserved ©&Ⓟ@akira.drums2023


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Akira Nakamura 


Okinawa based drummer/composer, Akira Nakamura, has been providing his funky, creative groove drumming for all around the world.

Legit classic drumming with contemporary approach.His career playing with musicians like David Fiucyzinski, Sam Kininger, Hiromi shows how he interprets his musicality through the drum set.

Since he started his professional career in the United States, he has been to numerous countries to perform but also has been based in some of them,  such as Germany, China and Japan.

He also constantly releases his own music. 

His new project AKIRA.DRUMS, in which composition, instruments and mixing are done by himself, will be released in 2023.

have shared stage with,

David Fiucyzinski, Screaming Headless Torsos, Sam Kininger, kokolo afrobeat orchestra, Hiromi Uehara, Tony Gray, David Tronzo,

Big Yuki, Marter, Nao Yoshioka, Monday Michiru, Hanaregumi,  Sarah Olain etc.


-Ludwig drums

-Bosphorus cymbals

-innovative percussion




2018 "Paddle"

2010 coin of truth


Element of the moment

2018 "Okinawan Nights"

2015 "life”

2013 "There | Here"

2012 "World keep spinning"

2009 "a song book"

2008 "live the moment"



2022 Naha Citizen Mixed Musical "Kibou no Machi"

Lyricist / Arrangement / Composition cooperation

2012Nanjo Citizen Musical "Sun Gate"

Composition / Arrangement



producing, arranging

2012 sweet soul record "Dance Soul Lights"

2012 sweet soul record "Soul Over the Race vol.2"


2020 ~ Director of Jazz in Nanjo

2022 Nahato Jazz week director

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